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  • Listening to: Larry Groupe's Excelsius
I generally accept commissions. If you'd like to have your original characters or scenes from your story drawn by me, let's get in touch and create a picture!
  • Listening to: Larry Groupe's Excelsius
Yo guys, i'm excited!
My artwork "guard of honour" has been featured in the artist gallery in the newest issue of 2dartist magazine O3O…

Guard of Honour by Nacre-Headphones
  • Listening to: Larry Groupe's Excelsius
Yay folks! Now I am on tumblr, too :iconimhappyplz:
I'll be posting sketches and inspiration works there, so feel free to stop by everytime at
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Hey everyone!

Yes - it's true oÔ
I've finally decided to create a second account which only deals with "Perlmutt", an original story I make up in my free time. Some people may know me as :iconblackshell:, too. I'm gonna use both, Headphones for everything concerning "Perlmutt" and BlackShell for all my other original art and for commissions and collaborations.

Feel free to walk around my - yet small - gallery! : D
I'm looking forward to hearing from you!